Patio Heater-R-US are the architect of event comfort planning. Our mission is to make the people at your event comfortable anytime, anywhere, indoors, outdoors, summer, winter, spring or fall. Patio Heaters-R-Us specializes in providing a variety of equipment, and services, to make every event the best that it can be.

We provide temperature control solutions for indoor and outdoor parties, weddings, corporate meetings and sporting events. We can create the right environment at just about anywhere people gather. We can't control the weather, but we can create an environment so that your guests can relax in temperature controlled comfort and truly enjoy the event activities.

  • There is nothing that can ruin a great event faster than your guests feeling cold and uncomfortable. Patio Heaters-R-Us has a portable heating solution for any indoor, outdoor or tented event.

  • It's no fun when people at an event are feeling hot, sticky and uncomfortable. When it's hot and humid Patio Heaters-R-Us can provide portable air conditioning, evaporative coolers, misters or fans of all types.

Patio Heaters-R-Us offers an insect control program that will significantly reduce, or eliminate, most types of flying-biting insects at all types of outdoor events.

  • We eliminate the insects without using dangerous pesticides. All of the products we use are safe for humans, animals and the environment. Our state-of-the-art trapping systems are silent, effective, odorless and don't make a mess. Besides being pesky, some insects, like mosquitoes, pose serious health hazards such as the "West Nile Virus".
We guarantee great service, quality equipment and competitive prices. We are open from 9:00am to 6:00pm seven days a week, and can be reached after hours for event emergencies.

We service customers throughout the Wine Country, North Bay Counties and the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Patio Heaters-R-Us is an active member of ISES (International Special Events Society).